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Build up your confidence and skills.
The best value-for-money Maths packages available in Ireland.
Available for both Higher Level and Ordinary Level Maths!

»Read why doing well in Maths is a lot more important than just getting points in your Leaving Certificate! Read on!


  • Enjoy studying Maths more as you build up your confidence and skills.
  • Get more than 60 hours of quality, highly interactive tutorials for a great price! Focus on the areas you need the most help with and watch your results soar!
  • We will teach you Accelerated Learning techniques and strategies for getting the most out of your study time and exams!
  • Stay focused, increase your productivity and enjoy the learning process through our multi-sensory focused audio-visual-interactive approach!
  • Read what other students, parents and teachers have to say about their experience of Digital Grinds!

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Integrate Digital Grinds into your study-time today. With over 60 hours of tutorials on 2 DVD's for an affordable one-off payment.

It works out at less than €1 per hour grind! Use the package for only an hour or two and you've already made your money back (compared to the price of regular grinds!)

Order completely risk free. If you are not 100% satisfied with Digital Grinds return your package for a full refund.

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(Don't just take our word for it)

Read more testimonials

  • Niall Dennehy, Education Officer - Union of Secondary School Students

    This software is Fantastic! It allows students to breeze through their revision, of a course that is at times challenging and demanding....Overall an excellent learning resource.

  • Conor Bredin, Student Review, Spun Out Magazine

    Down to the nitty gritty, the main question is “Does 'Digital Grinds' actually HELP?” My answer? Definitely.

  • Eimear O’Sullivan, Higher Level Maths Teacher, Dublin

    I think Digital Grinds will help show students that Maths can be fun! Easy-to-use, easy-to-follow, students can find themselves studying without realising it. There is most certainly a need for this type of help for LC Maths students.

  • Ara Devine, 5th year student, Donegal

    Entering fifth year after doing transition year i was unsure in my ability to do the maths course..Digital Grinds has helped me, step-by-step, topic-by-topic to cover and revise the course in my own time, giving me the help i needed! I am enjoying maths now and feel motivated and confident...Bring on the Leaving Cert!

  • A.D, Parent, Leitrim

    Your Paper 1 package really did help to give my daughter confidence. She moved from 13% in the mocks to B3 (75%) by the end.

  • Dario Di Ruzza, After taking the Leaving Certificate, Limerick

    I found the Digital Grinds disc truly helpful. I never thought that I could ever be entertained or enraptured by maths! After getting 38% in my mocks I scored a B2 grade in my Leaving Cert. Thanks!

  • Fiona Lavelle, 6th year, Wicklow

    Digital Grinds takes you step by step through the questions. It helps you realise that Maths is not as hard as you first thought.

  • Jonas Scheibein, 6th Year Student Review, South Kerry Advertiser

    I would recommend this DVD-ROM to anyone doing [Leaving Cert] Maths.

  • Vera Prendergast, Maths Teacher, Meath

    Digital Grinds is a very good resource for Higher Level students, the content is very well explained, interesting and very easy to understand. Excellent in fact...grinds without the person, use it any time you want, again and again...

  • D Conneely, Maths Teacher, Galway

    I loved how everything was explained as you worked through the Maths problem. I think it's crucial to explain how you followed on from the previous line and not take it for granted that the student will know how you came up with it on their own so I was really impressed with that part.

  • Geoff Warner-Clayton, 5th year, Co. Kilkenny

    Digital Grinds has a simple goal: teach leaving cert students maths, and quite simply, it excels.


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